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March 16, 2023

Group Journaling for Remote Teams: A Tool for Mental Health and Team Cohesion

As more and more companies shift to remote work, it's becoming increasingly important to find ways to support the mental health and well-being of employees. One effective tool for achieving this is group journaling.

What is Group Journaling?

Group journaling is a form of journaling that is done in a group setting. It typically involves a facilitator who guides the group through a process of writing and sharing reflections on a given topic. The goal of group journaling is to create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

The Benefits of Group Journaling for Remote Teams

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is the isolation and loneliness that can come with working alone. Group journaling can help to combat this by creating a sense of connection and community among team members. It can also help to improve communication and collaboration, as well as provide a space for individuals to process their thoughts and feelings related to work.

In addition to these benefits, group journaling can also be used as a tool for stress management and burnout prevention. By giving individuals a space to reflect on their work and personal lives, it can help to promote balance and well-being.

How to Implement Group Journaling in a Remote Team

There are a few different ways to implement group journaling in a remote team. One option is to use a dedicated journaling app, such as Waffle, which allows for easy sharing and collaboration. Another option is to use a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom, to facilitate group journaling sessions.

It's important to establish clear guidelines and expectations for group journaling sessions. This can include setting a regular schedule for sessions, as well as establishing guidelines for confidentiality and sharing.


Group journaling is a powerful tool for promoting mental health and well-being in remote teams. By providing a space for individuals to connect, reflect, and process their thoughts and feelings, it can help to combat isolation and loneliness, improve communication and collaboration, and promote balance and well-being.

If you're interested in implementing group journaling in your remote team, we recommend checking out Waffle, a dedicated journaling app that makes it easy to share and collaborate on journal entries. With Waffle, you can create a safe and supportive space for your team to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and improve mental health and cohesion.

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