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Why people love Waffle

"I love this app! I use it with so many people. A few years ago I was journaling a lot, but haven’t had motivation recently. I’m excited about this tiny social network I can use with my friends away from the noise and nastiness of social media. It’s a great place to keep a journal of the day’s stories so they don’t blur together and share more intimate and emotional posts you normally wouldn’t in a group chat!"


"I’m so happy about having Waffle to interact without interacting. I use it daily to stay connected to my family back home! It’s a perfect place to share the more intimate moments and stay connected with loved ones without worrying about overexposing one’s self. It helps me open up and talk about things I usually wouldn’t elsewhere. I never knew that just simply journaling about my day or talking about my feelings like this could help so much— it’s become a part of my self-care routine!"


"When I saw this app, I got so excited. I had the idea of starting a journal with my fiancé so we have an easier way of sharing with each other. We’ve been using Waffle for a while now to keep little memories and write paragraphs about our days to maintain a strong emotional connection! Such a life-saver. The app is one of the best for the purpose it was created for. It’s so easy to use and has such a cute, minimal interface. Thanks, Waffle!"