Our story

With so many ways to communicate, how come we are still missing out on a lot of what matters to the people we love? Especially if you live apart from your family, or close friends, it’s easy to get distracted by the everyday hustle.  

That’s why we created Waffle. Instead of group chatting that needs instant attention, journaling helps us take time to think about what to share, about what really matters. Quiet and focused, Waffle provides space for group journals to get that warm and fluffy feeling back, just like gathering with those you love. Those who make you feel safe and bring you energy.

You can share a snap of your breakfast burrito with the world. But your innermost thoughts, your happiest moments – those are for our closest, the people who bring us a sense of acceptance, nurturing and bonding. Waffle is for sharing what matters.

Satoru Sasozaki
Co-founder & CEO