Tell each other how much we appreciate each other

Using waffle with :

My fiancé

I use the waffle daily with my fiancé.

We have a weird sleep schedule so I tend to send him my thoughts and little notes at varies times while he is asleep and he does the same thing for me.

I feel like while it hasn't been that long it will surely strength our bond because we can tell each other how much we appreciate each other.

Having a platform I can engage and leave my thoughts on for him that is entirely private and made around that process has been really nice.

I feel like this would also be great for long distance friends as well. Surely, the fact you would take time out of your day to share your thoughts with your loved ones would be highly appreciated.

I can't wait for it allow the bond I share with my fiancé to grow even further as I use this app more.




Aug 24, 2023