Waffle helps take distance away

Using waffle with :

My best friend

I use Waffle daily to keep in touch with my best friend who moved to Hawaii, which is about a 10-hour flight from where I live. It's been amazing for us to share anything and everything with each other.

Waffle has enabled us to continue sharing things we wouldn't normally remember, certain mundane details I wouldn't bother sending in a text, but things I would definitely tell my best friend when I saw her every day!

Right before she left, I had just moved to the side of town where she lived, and we were practically neighbors. It was amazing. But then she moved, which was an incredible opportunity for her, but it definitely makes hanging out all the time much harder.

Waffle helps take that distance away by letting us share anything all of the time without sending a text!

I really enjoy the app specifically because it’s like instagram but far more private and just for us, and it’s less pressure than a text or a phone call so we can share anything whenever.

This is really great for time zones, neither of us have to worry about missing something from the other.




Aug 4, 2023