Helped me to stay off social media

Using waffle with :

My long-distance best friend

Waffle has helped my long distance best friend and I reconnect after the Air Force decided we couldn't live in the same state anymore thanks to a classic PCS.

We were roommates for a little under a year out in Texas and grew such a unique bond/friendship through deep early morning conversations, afternoon runs/hikes and being there for one another day in and day out through difficult situations.

We have struggled to plan FaceTime chats with both of our busy schedules and being on vastly different time zones.

Waffle created a wonderful avenue for us to continue to share in each other's day as well as discuss and reflect on deep topics, while not feeling guilty for not being able to answer the phone.

It's given us a vessel to feel like we are able to share in a special moment together, while not requiring that they respond right away or stop why they're doing and answer a phone call/FT.

It also feels more personalized and has helped me to stay off socials more because I'm bonding with my close knit crew, which holds a deeper meaning to me.

I'm very thankful for this app :)




Jul 31, 2023