Allowed me and my mom to connect on a deeper level

Using waffle with :

My mom

I had been going through a difficult time, dealing with the passing of several loved ones. I found myself spiralling to an increasingly dark place, unable to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

My mom noticed I was struggling and suggested we use a Waffle journal as an outlet for emotions, while also encouraging ourselves to note and share the simple pleasures in our every day lives with each other.

The Waffle journal has allowed me and my mom to connect on a deeper level, and stay up to date on both of our daily experiences.

It's given me a tremendous outlet to offload my thoughts in written form, and has helped me maintain a more balanced mental state by pushing me to register the beauty of life (in addition to the challenges).

It's also helped me and my mom feel less isolated, since we both spend extended periods of time alone.




Sep 12, 2023