Really given us a way to be vulnerable

Using waffle with :

My girlfriend

I use waffle with my girlfriend. We started off as a distance relationship and it was a good way to put our thoughts down and allow us to share bigger ideas with out relying on text.

It also gave us space to reflect without the need to respond in the moment which is often the case via phone call. She's since been able to move closer but I still find it valuable.

I have a daily reminder set for 1pm and it just helps to keep her front of mind. I also like that I can scroll back through and see the subjects we've worked through. There are also special dates or moments that I can reference back to that help me be a more engaged partner.

It's given us a way to share about hard topics in a safe space. We don't always have time to sit down and have a deep conversation but to be able to read her thoughts and reflect on them has helped us grow as a couple.

We are both divorced and have kids so there are lots of different aspects to blending a family together. We also have different parts of our own stories that we are trying to work through. This has really given us a way to be vulnerable and break old habits.




Apr 11, 2024