Allows me to connect in a unique way with my boyfriend

Using waffle with :

My boyfriend

I essentially use waffle to write love letters to my long distance boyfriend.

It allows us to leave sweet reminders to one another throughout the day! We also have a journal together where we share date ideas for the future.

It allows me to connect in a unique way with my boyfriend and lets us express our feelings whenever we want!

It’s a lot more efficient and quick especially when we don’t have the time or aren’t able to be near a place to send letters, as my boyfriend often goes out into the woods and camps for his work, leaving us with our phones to correspond with.

Waffle lets me look back at our journal entries and helps me feel closer to him.

I absolutely love waffle and how it’s formatted. The customization of the journals to the shared entries are absolutely beautiful and help me connect more with my partner.




Aug 9, 2023