Made me feel vulnerable and close to her over long distances

Using waffle with :

My best friend

While I was studying abroad at the Universidad de Cantabria in Spain, my best friend was studying at Cornell University in New York. Everyday (or every few days if we're being completely honest) we would use the free version to post one picture and some stories from our day there.

Waffle has made it so much easier to stay in touch across a time difference of 6 hours. We would leave comments on each others and love having more a concrete record of our conversations than just text messages. It has made me personally reflect more on my experiences, becoming more appreciative of how lucky I am as I recognize just how many things I was excited to share. Letting a best friend have a direct view into what I was treating as my personal diary made me feel vulnerable and close to her over long distances. Having her watching and interacting also helped hold me accountable whereas when I have tried to regularly journal in the past I have lost motivation, I kept this up the whole semester!




Jun 5, 2024