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I like it

July 17, 2022
Simple but effective

So far I’ve really been enjoying this app. Its a fun way to connect with my spouse and family members. I also am planning to use it for personal journal entries as I think it would be great for that as well. I like how simple it is and you can go back and read old entries. I do wish i could respond to other entries or react to them to show that I read it. Definitely recommend for people who are looking for a unique way to connect with their family and want to avoid the pressures of social media.

July 26, 2022
Love this app <3

Even if you don’t use it to journal with others it’s great! I love the formatting too.

July 8, 2022
Surprisingly awesome app

I was looking for a simple daily journal where my wife and I could share a few thoughts from our day, and Waffle does that for us extremely well. The format is perfect: more thoughtful than a text, and more convenient and personal than an email thread. I didn’t think I’d use the question of the day but it’s a nice thought starter for the times I don’t have anything else to say. I really enjoy this app

July 10, 2022
Waffle is just a damn happy app

Waffle is just a damn happy app. I use it to co-journal with my friend about our spirituality, craft, and experiences. I also use it as a daily mood tracker, or a nature journal that I can sort through and organize onto paper later. I love this app. And the logo is a waffle. 5 stars.

Dovahkiin Jones
April 30, 2022
Great app

Great app

Dino N99
May 4, 2022
Amazing app

Amazing app, really simple to use and easy to customize. An easy 5/5.

Neo Antonio Archives
May 5, 2022
I like it

I like it, but I wish you could find it in Spanish

Andrea Marentes
May 12, 2022
fun for friends and family

fun for friends and family

Marco Polo
May 12, 2022
I love this diary

I love this diary I love it recommended 😁😁😆

Susana Nicolle Ruiz Barra
May 25, 2022


May 31, 2022
a great way to keep in touch with peeps

a great way to keep in touch with peeps

Tj Pikachu
June 7, 2022
Very wholesome

Def using this app to record everything I find important in my life and be able to look upon the past as nice memories. This will be a nice journal.

May 15, 2022
Love love love this, would only change a few things.

OK, so to start I have to say I LOVE this app. I don’t use it for family actually I use it personally for myself. I used to not journal much I have always felt it was a waste of paper so I stopped. So imagine my excitement when I saw an AD on Instagram for waffle. First I mean it’s CUTE!! You can change up the cover of your journal and the app icon is ADORABLE! I’d probably add a couple more journal covers for sure, I’d also add in more seasonal journal covers I think it’d be super cute to see some more seasonal ones like Valentine’s Day, maybe even adding a waffle covered one to match the app icon. Second I think it could definitely benefit from some things, like highlighting especially those who use it for family or maybe even those who use it to make lists or you know whatever they use it for. As well as maybe being able to change the font or italics. Aside from all of that, I love the app it’s easy to use, it’s convenient on my phone when I wanna quickly open it up and jot something down especially since I usually forget so easily. Super surprised this app isn’t as popular as you’d think it would be.

May 23, 2022
Amazing app

This is an amazing app, so many great features. It can be useful for families, for therapy, to communicate with far friends in a meaningful way. Easy to use, good level of privacy. I love it!

April 26, 2022
Love how easy it is to use and so grateful that it exists!

Love how easy it is to use and so grateful that it exists! Keep up the great work and thank you :)

daisy lee
April 1, 2022
I need premium features

I need premium features like photos in the original quality + multiple videos and Instagram style month view with grid thumbnails. Ability to comment on each other's entries would be great. Except that, this app is awesome!

Łukasz Brodowski
April 16, 2022
I love this app so much!

I love this app so much! I have been using it to keep a record of my adventures with my partner and also to stay connected with my college roommates as we are all going our separate ways. One piece of feedback that I have is that we would love to be able to comment on or add reactions to entries like thumbs up or other emoji. If you guys add that, I really feel like the app would be complete.

April 24, 2022

スクロールで日記がまとめて見やすいです。 他の人の投稿にコメントができるようになればもっといいと思います。

March 29, 2022
Incredible app! Cool ideas below

I’m a writer, and being able to organize my writing based on character, even having them react to similar situations from my life, is amazing and helps me a LOT with completing my workflow! If there’s anything I could possibly say to add to this app, it’s that it would be super cool if there was a journal option with a color slider so that we could choose our own journal colors/patterns instead of just picking from the preset ones. Other than that, this app is perfect in every possible way!

April 3, 2022
I always come back to Waffle

Although I don’t journal heavily everyday, I always come back to this app to write down some thoughts on books, movies or quotes I like. It’s such a quiet place that I can focus only on things I enjoy. Before Waffle, I used to post my thoughts or philosophy quotes on FB, so I know I will not loose them. After some time people told me they thought I was showing off “what an intellectual person I am”. That’s not what I wanted. So now, I only share with my closest ones. It’s just so nice to occasionally scroll back and read the little treasures I collected. May I suggest the developers to create a rewind feature, so I can see what’s posted on the same day a month/year ago 🙏

Fangchi Gato
April 7, 2022
Awesome App & Developers!

This app has been amazing for me. I get to journal anywhere, any time. Sometimes when I’m too tired or stressed I can just close my eyes and use dictation to get my thoughts in the journal. I have one journal in the app that I share with my therapist so she always knows what’s going on with me. When she has time, she’ll even respond in the app to help me through the day/week. I have a separate one for things I’m not ready for her to see too. All in the same app! Lastly, the developers are awesome. I had a glitch and emailed them, and they actually responded, worked on the glitch, followed up with me, and then fixed it permanently and followed up again when it still wasn’t quite working. Really appreciated their responsiveness and the app has really helped me use therapy more effectively as well as manage my mental health by myself!

April 16, 2022
It's great for when I want to vent with my partner

it's great for when I want to vent with my partner and not have it soil the conversation

Alex Driskell
February 7, 2022
So cool seeing little life updates!

love connecting with my friends with this. so cool seeing little life updates! very grateful for this app!!!

Aspen B.
November 18, 2022
No regrets on downloading this

I hope a lot of people will recognize this app, I just happen to see this as I search for journals, and it's the best thing to have to connect more with my friends. No regrets on downloading this, it's easy to use as well. Love it!💕

Roxanne Malagkit
January 8, 2022
Truly matches the app's description

Waffle truly matches the app's description, the ui is also aesthetically pleasing and it's very easy to just go in and take a couple notes, but one thing is that maybe there should be more ways to design your journal, like with stickers or fonts, thats about it. I like the shared journal idea, because i can journal my thoughts, and have someone else do the same in the same app, i've been using this app with my long distance friend, great app to use with your friends, family, or even by yourself!

P a t h e t i c H a m s t e r
January 6, 2022
I'm really loving this app

I'm really loving this app. In spite of the bugs it's still better than the others I've tried. Using it is very easy and intuitive. For some reason my pictures aren't loading on my Samsung note 10, but with how responsive the app creator is I'm sure that will be fixed at some point.

John Wyrick
December 16, 2021
Love this app. iPad version?

Everything about it is just what you need in a family journal. Only thing missing is an iPad version!

Aslam Azad
October 31, 2021
Waffle is awesome.


December 6, 2021
Great App!

I love being able to share my journal my thoughts and share them. Then get feedback and read about others thoughts.

January 5, 2022
happily surprised

i love journaling but cant always get to an ideal place/have ideal materials. i can update any journal i want and can keep it safe w face id. it’s a plus to be able to co-write a journal w a friend/family member w a code 12/10 havent used the shared feature yet but im sure it’s great

January 7, 2022
forever one of my favorite apps

i’ve tried a LOT of journaling apps… probably 97% of the free ones 😅 this is by far THE best one, for so many reasons. i love the concept of a shared journal—i had been keeping a shared note with my friend, but it wasn’t really as efficient as i thought it would be. my mom and i used to have this tiny mailbox that we would leave notes in for each other, and this is exactly that. now that we no longer live together, this is perfect. it’s simple to use, even she can figure it out 😂 it’s beautifully designed and works perfectly. i honestly can’t believe how lovely it is, and it doesn’t even have any ads! there’s no “catch,” this isn’t one of those “freemium” apps that ultimately require a purchase to be any good. that said, now that i have had the privilege of experiencing the app, i’m actually more willing to pay a little to help support them than if i had been forced to do it in order to fully enjoy the app’s features. sato, the developer, is so incredibly nice and uses feedback to immediately improve the app. i love that i’m able to text him for any (app-related) support needed; i work all day, and texting is SO much more convenient than trying to navigate an online form or finding the time for a phone call. overall, i love how waffle allows me to stay in the loop about my friends’ and family’s lives. i work crazy hours and i don’t want to wake people up when i get home at 3 in the morning, but i love to read about their day and the little things they couldn’t share while i was working, or give my thoughts on something when they ask for advice. i also like to share a funny story from work or leave a picture of my cat 😁 it’s really nice that there’s no pressure to write out long entries cataloging every detail of the day; you can interact with it when you have the time and energy, instead of feeling obligated to answer a text right away. and for the days when you want to reach out but just don’t know what to talk about, there is even a list of prompts to choose from!!! this is genuinely one of the best apps i’ve ever had and will stay on my phone forever. thank you sato! 🧇

January 25, 2022

まえに「動作がまだ不安定」というレビューをしていましたが、その頃に比べるとずっと安定していて、不安なく使えるようになっています。 そこで、いったんそのときのレビューは(そのままだとあんまりなので)上書きして、書き換えておきます。 文章が短くまとまりづらかったり、長く書くのがべつに苦ではないし楽しいという同士のやりとりにおいては、テキストチャットよりもやりとりしやすいと感じられる側面があって、交流したりしやすいフォーマットだと思います(個々にはべつに短文で済ませても構わないわけですし)。 意外と、やりとりが、メールとも違うし、テキストチャットともまた、違った感触になります。 ついでなので要望として書くと、(1) 投稿が、投稿日ごとにまとまって表示されるモードと、完全に新しい順に並ぶモードとあったら良いかもしれないなと感じているところです。 (2) 投稿の修正履歴を確認できるようになるとありがたいです(facebook投稿のような修正履歴機能を想像しつつ書いています)。

wip pip xip
February 10, 2022

A really good idea for couples who want to share their precious moments only together in a common diary. Not too much features but everything whats needed. Even anniversaries can be put there. Only suggestions for future versions would be a pincode for security and a way to save it as a backup.

February 10, 2022
Awesome App

My friends and I use this app and it is so fun and really aesthetic. Love this!!

13 5 8
February 17, 2022
Unique App

I like the app a lot. I just downloaded it and I think will be a nice unique way to communicate with my partner. I just wish that there was a way to input an entry from a day that passed. Other than that it would be perfect!

February 17, 2022


Kenai and Koda
February 24, 2022
Big fun

Unique wholesome concept and encourages record - keeping.

March 3, 2022

So fun, cute, and simple. My one suggestion would be to add a comment feature, but I also understand that that might not be what the creators were going for. Either way it’s nice to see everyone’s days written out as notes. It’ll be super fun to look back on this later in life, when I miss the meandering days of youth.

March 3, 2022
Fun with friends

Nice for long distance

March 8, 2022
Resource Tool

Excellent tool to be used by you and whomever to open up the relationship.

March 8, 2022
Excellent app

Love this app to keep updated events with friends and family. I think it could use a like/love button! Overall excellent app!

March 8, 2022

Simple, easy to use, and most importantly, a space that's different from, less urgent than, and more reflective/deliberate than the standard messaging apps. This app attempts to replicate a component of conversation thay exists in person but is too often lost in fast-paced, sound-byte-centered technology.

March 11, 2022
Really good for friends and family 5

Really good app I totally recommend it I just have a few suggestions one it would be cool if there was a make your own book cover that you could like import pictures and use them as the cover two and this one is not to important but how about being able to have a password to unlock the journal so it’s a little more private and that’s all but this is ten out of ten would recommend

March 14, 2022

I stumbled upon this app accidentally and I decided to try it out with my boyfriend. The idea of sharing a journal and being able to read each other’s thoughts for the day is so cute and this app allows us to do all of that completely for free! We’ve had no major problems with it so far, but only thing I’d like to mention is that the photos I upload onto the journal can be a bit blurry

March 16, 2022
I am enjoying this more than Facebook

No one really cares about my life on social media. I’ve collected people like Pokémon and sometimes it feels like no one really cares about my adventures or life struggles. This journaling app allows me to write posts my family will be able to read and enjoy. Hopefully it will give my kids some insight to who I am, because I am sure they couldn’t care less right now as teenagers. And maybe if this app is around long enough my Grandkids can read about my life and all the stupid things I would like them to know. It easy to share photos and videos. And I like the unlimited journals so I can write for myself or to my family. If I would add a feature, I would make the published entries more visually appealing like a scrap book. Maybe vintage styles or stickers to give them more personality. Right now it’s laid out like a blog roll or social timeline, which works, however not as visually appealing as my handwritten journals. There are doodles all over my handwritten pages.

March 27, 2022

This is a super good app i love it

February 2, 2021
Great Couple Journal

I love the idea of the app the moment I got it recommended. I am in a long distance relationship and I love to write paragraphs and just about my day. It is so easy to use there is a downside and it’s not being notified if someone has written an entry until you open the app. Other than that it’s such a great app and I love to use it. I get excited every time to open it! I also love the password feature.

February 4, 2021
Super cute design!

Love the layout, very simple and easy to use

February 13, 2021
super cute and easy to use!

this has been helping my best friends and i keep up to date with each other while we’re apart for college! i love how easy it is to use, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing to the eye :) one thing though - when i try to change my profile picture, it doesn’t save. not sure if this is a bug or something on my part, but hopefully it will work soon. just a minor thing, but an overall amazing app. x

February 23, 2021
What my friends and I always wanted

Me and my two besties always talk about keeping a journal of the stories of the days because they all run together. So this is perfect because everything is on our phones in one place.

I made this review
March 22, 2021
I really like it!

This is a great app and I definitely recommend it. It is super duper easy to use and helps me wind down at the end of the day. Where ever I feel stressed out I just go to waffle and write my feelings down. This is one of my favorite apps ever!!

April 1, 2021
Love waffle

Hey! I’ve been using this app for like a week and I’ve made all my friends and family join. I just wish I was able to like posts or comment directly on them. My mom always texts us when she posts because she doesn’t think any of us have seen it.

April 4, 2021
Good App needs one feature

I really like the app but it would be really nice to have a feature where you can change the date of the entry. Occasionally I’d like to have the entry to cover the date of the day before for record keeping purposes. Very nice interface, works well :)

April 11, 2021

l love this app so much (even tho l got it like 4 hours ago) it’s nice sharing things with you friends and family. And if you want you can keep things private too. Overall great app

the Meowssker
April 13, 2021
Stay connected in a deep and meaningful way

I think this is a great way to maintain authentic human connections while taking advantage of modern day technology. In an age of insta stories, likes and retweets, our representation of ourselves and interaction with others have become so shallow and structured. This app is nothing like that and will help you open up to a few specific people. More people should use this.

May 4, 2021
Highly Innovative

When I saw this ad, I got so excited. I had the idea of starting a journal with my fiancé so we have an easier way of sharing with each other. The app is cute & simple. Highly recommend.

May 29, 2021
Waffle is the best! 🤩

Waffle is a awesome app for journaling you can create your own one and join others! I love it ❤️

June 24, 2021
Fantastic app with great potential

What the title says— cute interface, very fun to keep a memory journal with my girlfriend. However, this app would be FANTASTIC if users could draw in the journals, a function similar to notability. That would really level this up.

user reviewer 2002
June 28, 2021

From journaling to writing your daily life. This app is perfect!. Only wish we had more Journal covers or if we had the option to make our own cover like with a picture:

September 4, 2021
Best app I’ve ever downloaded

I can’t explain enough how much this app has changed my life. My best friend and I have a journal that we add entries into multiple times a day, and it is just the best experience ever. We have SO much fun adding things throughout the day for each other to see & putting memories in there so we can look back. I couldn’t recommend this app enough to anyone that wants to connect with a loved one. LOVE WAFFLE ❤️❤️❤️

An unimpressed person
October 27, 2021

From journaling to writing your daily life.This app is perfect!.

March 22, 2021
It’s so fun & cute

i love the user interface and it’s easy to use! The layout is nice and different than a standard group chat. Maybe in the future there’ll be a sticker feature or a highlighting feature just to make things “pop” more. But overall i like it :)

January 15, 2021
my favorite app

so fun and cute! i’ve recommended it to so many people now. my boyfriend and i use it to talk about things we don’t get to throughout our day :)

May 26, 2021
What my friends and I always wanted

Me and my two besties always talk about keeping a journal of the stories of the days because they all run together. So this is perfect because everything is on our phones in one place.

I made this review
March 21, 2021
I love this app!

I saw an ad for this app on Instagram and I was like huh this looks interesting. And let me tell you, I do not regret downloading this app. The app is SO cute and easy to use. 10/10 would recommend it and I can’t wait to start sharing with more people!!

February 16, 2021
Best App Ever

Hi I just want to say that this is one of the best apps for the purpose that is created for. I have the time to create journals with my partner that lives abroad and we save memories. I only have a recommendation and is that the app allow us to create events with a back date like for example I’m trying to create an event for January 2021 but it’s not showing in a chronological order I think it only allows the creation of new events in current date.I want to say thank you to the creators and I can’t wait to see new updates in the coming future.

June 21, 2021